Pastoral Care/Worship Services


You Matter

A Listening Ear / Spiritual Care

At the core of our mission and values are respect and compassion for all those
we serve. For residents, their family members, and staff, the Religion and
Pastoral Care branch of our community is here for your emotional, social and
spiritual support. Through referrals, interdisciplinary collaboration, personal
visits, religious services, and community/spiritual events, we are dedicated to
care par excellence. Our chaplain is responsible to assess individual spiritual
and/or religious needs, to meet those needs (directly or by the appropriate
referral) and to develop ongoing care planning.

Worship Services

Sundays Chapel Service 10:00 AM

Catholic Mass in the Skaalen Chapel 10:00 a.m.
(Third Thursday of each month)

Pastor James Salimes
Skaalen Chaplain/Spiritual Director
608.873.5651, Extension 7218

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