Visitor Fact Sheet

During your visit we ask that you please:

  • Wear your mask at all times while in the building and during your visit.
  • Maintain six (6) feet of social distancing with the resident and only engage in physical contact if the resident is fully vaccinated and consents to it. 
  • Perform proper hand hygiene before the visit, after any physical contact, after completion of the visit, and any other necessary times. 
  • Put on the call light if you have questions or if you need something. We would like all visitors to remain in the resident rooms as much as possible. If you need something, a staff member will answer your light and assist you to the best of their ability or get someone else who can. 
  • Do not wander around the facility. 
  • Do not use any facility bathrooms. This standard should be for our public restrooms as well as residents’ private bathrooms. This is an infection control measure in order to keep all visitors, staff, and residents safe. 
  • Upon completion of the visit, please return to where you were screened in to sign out and receive a post-visit self-screening form. 

Thank you for helping us to keep our residents safe!


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